Agnes Von Weiss Gift Set Saga and Amazing Deja Vu Repaint

It's been pretty quiet doll-wise around here which is not actually a bad thing.

Here's long version of what happened with my pre-ordered High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss Doll Mini Gift Set:
1. The first shipment to me of my two sets were shipped to some location in Delaware. By that time I had heard about the mold and other defective issues people were reporting and I was very wary. I wanted to cancel my order but they would not refund my deposit so I agreed to accept a new delivery.
2. The two new dolls arrived, both with glaring defects. Customer service agreed to replace both giftsets and sent me a return postage label.
3. The third shipment of dolls was worse even though, according to Alain, Percy himself inspected both dolls. One doll had mold down her dress and heaven knows where else. I was afraid to touch the doll. The other doll had a large patch of unrooted hair.

The shipment back to them contained four sets of dolls and I received a full refund.

What a waste of time for me and a sorry state of affairs for them.

Here's hoping that the Fifth Anniversary Poppy Parker Joyous Celebration dolls do not have any issues. They should be arriving any minute.


The most stunning repaint I've ever seen of a Deja Vu doll was posted on Prego today.

This is the work of Leslie at Sands of Fire. She has achieved major realism and depth. The open mouth looks appropriate on this face. She could be Cinderella before being turned into a princess. Beautiful!

The link to the post on Prego: http://members5.boardhost.com/prego/msg/1413511439.html
There are several other photos of this doll who has been sold to the highest bidder.


  1. Much as I like the look of many of the IT products, those on going quality control issues are just too much.
    I find I really like the Deja dolls, which was a surprise for me.
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  2. Reading your comments about these Fashion Royalty dolls leaves me disheartened. The problem appears to be widespread from what I've read. Integrity better control these problems soon or they will damage the brand beyond redemption, and the company's name will be quite ironic.

    The Déjà Vu repaint is quite good. For some reason, Santuzza from Cavalleria Rusticana came immediately to mind when I saw the picture. If only I were artistic! The artists who can perform these projects so successfully must have fun and feel such satisfaction. :-)

  3. I am so sick of repeatedly receiving damaged products from IT and then sending that dreaded email to patient care. yes they are helpful and all but it is f-ing annoying having to contact them everytime and wait for months to have something fixed. Since they are having one person do the job of 5, i dont blame them for not being able to get this done sooner. I am also tired of the cheerleaders over at IT and elsewhere trashing people who complain about the recent quality control issues like we were the assholes here. These are 140 dollar dolls. That is not little money. And IT bet it's tutu that these need to arrive at my house in perfect condition.

    And then what's up with half of these dolls having thin, partial rooting? HV Agnes, Adele, Sebina Poppy, Joyous Poppy. Is IT cutting corners here? Sebina Poppy's pony tail is soo thin and Joyous is half bald. I have seen dolls with more intricate hair dos have fuller rooting. This is intolerable. IT really needs to step up its game because it would be a shame. When they are good, they are REALLY good and amazing and I love my past dolls so much. But I dont enjoy worrying about a new doll arriving with defects.