What A Difference A Body Makes!

My all time favorite Graphic Language Adele, who originally came on a straight arm body, now has a new life. Paparazzi Darling Adele was the FR2 body donor. 
In the first two photos, Adele is modeling a perfect satin-trimmed black shirtwaist Randall Craig dress. The top is slightly large for her but it looks beautiful IMO. Her handbag is FDA.

I went looking through my photo archives for prior shots of GA Adele. She was gorgeous on every body. I've had more than one GA Adele. You know how it is, don't you? You buy, you sell, you buy again. The doll in the purple and green dress is a different one from the one I have now. The one is red is the same gal on her original body.

She never made it onto the first articulated body apparently.

Do you have any dolls that have been transformed by a body switch?


  1. I took my Urban Geisha Kyori and put her on a replacement FR2 body--she is stunning and has much better play/redress value. I kept her old body--not sure why.

  2. All of my Barbie Basics dolls are re-bodied on fashionista bodies. I also re-bodied the African American Holiday 2013 Barbie on a fashionista. :-)

  3. Your Adele looks lovely - my PD Adele body went to Splendid Jordan. I tend to rebody most of my dolls on FR2 bodies. I guess I am in the camp that prefers that body. As lovely as I found Jordan before, I thought she was stunning after the rebody.


    1. The FR2 is my favorite body, too.