395.00 GBP = $645.570 USD

This email from Superdoll just arrived. Are the grammar and spelling mistakes intentional?
Hey Fiends!
Nothing much just sitting here thinking I'd best be telling you about a little something we call: ENIGMA!
yes, they fierce, they competative and of course they all deny any association; no one did nothing.... apparently!
Some had spotlights in their eyes at the time, others were otherwise engaged.
Does it seem like I'm rambling on a bit?
check out out new (cough! cough!) online store at: www.superdollonline.co.uk (copy it into your browser Venus does not do links!)
yes I know FABULOSA!....
Fab dolls.... ENIGMAtic.
 There are three dolls in the latest Sybarite collection which is entitled Enigma.

Madame V.   Venus clone: 0779, Japanese Skintone. Price: £394.00

                                Langtry     Inque clone: 062, Ruby Skintone. Price: £375.00
                            Wellington  Venus Clone 0779, Japanese Skintone. Price: £395.00

 Rush right over and buy a few.

I think Madame V will sell out very fast. She's the one I would buy if I were buying.

1 comment:

  1. i love the dolls , the fashion is beautiful,

    when i open the news letter and check the dolls i notice Wellington hands right away
    if you notice the generation 3 sybarite hand look of not scupted right and kind of like paddles
    i wish they sculptured them again the hands need some work
    the camp paq hands where amazing so why is it that the regular sybarite hands look like paddles
    i wish superfrock offer expression hands for the other skintone dolls