News in the BJD World

Modsdoll is offering unpainted, nude dolls with the Miao sculpt beginning December 6, 2013. The cost is $350. plus postage. To the US, postage amounts to $48. via EMS, which is the only option.

Ficon Doll has released a new dressed doll called Jeanius. She is LE 30 and lists for $699. 
Postage to the US amounts to $45.

Enjoy these photos by Alexandra Forbes.

Superdoll  held a Black Friday sale and from what remains on their site, it seems to have been a less than successful event except for several items that had been hanging around for a very long time. The current Monoglam collection has been fairly unpopular judging by the fact that everything was still available as of Friday including all the dolls and all the outfits in the line. Velvet (dressed in pink) is now sold out and the Flutterby fashion is sold out. (That fashion may have been sold out previously. )
I have not been collecting Sybarites long enough to know if this is the first time they have put the current collection on sale.  It's pretty upsetting to buy a doll or an outfit at full price and to see it go on sale within the year. For example, Marl & B sold their exclusive Sybarite Neurotica for a whopping $820. plus postage in July of 2012. A few months later, they dropped the price about $200. This past weekend they sold out at $499.
I love my Sybarite dolls but this, combined with the defective dolls I've received, has made me very wary of going forward with purchasing directly from the manufacturer or dealers with exclusives.

Kingdom Doll  is a new 16" resin BJD designed in the UK. Her sculpt looks beautiful.
So far they are on Facebook and Flickr. Perhaps a website will follow. Look for the first official teaser ad in FDQ's Holiday 2013 digital issue.
These photos are from their Facebook page.

Here is a statement from their page: 
Here at Kingdom Doll we are very excited to finally be presenting  our miniature fashion models to the doll collecting community.  The schedule of the year ahead has beenmeticulously planned and we are certain you will not be disappointed. Expect to see a variety of stunning 16" models, starting with our debut sculpt Novantae and continuing later in the year with the introduction of some of her friends (yes there will be more than one sculpt).Kingdom Doll aspire to be more than just a line of beautiful faces, creating a buildable and eminently wearable wardrobe of statement pieces, classic investment garments, hot runway looks and neutral colored essentials.Along with some truly amazing accessories, shoes and bags, Kingdom Doll wants to give the collector a doll line they can feel invested in.


  1. The Kingdom dolls look like a cross between the Avante Guards and Tonner's Gina. What a beautiful face. Would love to see the body, and hope for varying skin-tones. They'll be in Pounds, not dollars, and shipping- pricey.

  2. Hello Terri!

    I hope you have received a replacement and/or refund for your defective Sybarite dolls by now.

    One reason for the sale at Superfrock not being a huge success might have been the clause "No returns on sale goods", wich is actually illegal; any sales contract would be void under such circumstances. But the fact that this kind of offer is being placed speaks for itself.

    The only time a customer may not return a faulty merchandise is when its price has been reduced due to a defect. If this is not the case, as with Superfrock's offer, a customer may return imperfect goods anytime.

    The customer protection for long distance sales is not touched, either. You may return the merchandise within two weeks without giving any reason and expect a refund within 30 days.

    So I would refrain from buying from a seller showing such unfair tradesmanship because any such deal cries for trouble.

    Maybe other customers thought the same.

    It's a pity as I like their dolls.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Petra: I received a reply immediately and they agreed to take the doll back with full refund including shipping both ways. I said I would consider that but I asked if they could provide a replacement hand. I'm still waiting. Lucrezia did check in the other day. I have decided to return the doll at this point. The glamour has worn off and I'm really fed up.

  3. Hello Terri!

    It's a very nice way of putting it by saying "the glamour has worn off".

    I have been so very disappointed several times when doing business with them. Furthermore, I bought some dolls at their original very high price and saw them going on sale later on. As you wrote before, this feels bad.

    Doll collecting should bring some fun and not worries; we all have enough of those in our everydays life, I suppose.

    Best regards


  4. I stopped collecting Syb's as I personally don't like the new body..I know that many do, but I have had lots of issues with the hip joints..and with the prices going up and many of dolls with wonky eyes, I gave up and sold my collection at a loss..for me it was time to move on. Many of the dolls started looking the same to me. These dolls are made in China and I am wondering if they are having issues with their factory, or at least their quality control, as there have been several issues with these dolls over the last few years...hoping you get some resolution soon.

    1. I love the new body. I am returning the doll to them. I think I shall take a look at the new dolls that keep coming out. It makes me sad as I do like the Sybarite dolls.

  5. The Sybarites pretty much created their niche and I still think that they do the best job of straddling the two types of fashion dolls, one off art pieces and limited edition "big kid" toys. But the Numina and Ficon dolls have upped the ante in the "big kid" market and the Sybarites need to work to keep up.
    Will C.

    1. i totally agree with you, wish they created something new or a new doll line by superfrock

      would love to see maybe fresh blood to there company as i know some designers and painter have collaborated with them