The Avatars Are Coming!

After a very long wait, Tonner's Avatar figures will begin to ship on December 9, 2013.
At first the price seemed incredibly high but when I thought about the size and the fact that they are resin BJDs,  I realized that the price fits right in and may, in fact, be lower than similar dolls.
While fashion doll collectors may brush these off, I can see that there could be a market amongst the movie lovers.
Here is the announcement for those who did not receive it directly:
Well, they're finally here!  We're super excited about the Avatar Collection and are pleased to announce they will be available and shipping beginning Monday, December 9th.  For this very special debut, there are only 20 sets available that will ship prior to the holiday, and the remaining balance will be available to ship in January.  Additionally, you'll be able to buy Jake or Neytiri individually in January as well.  The collection is available at $1500 and each doll (available in January) will be $799.99.
Bring a slice of Pandora home with this masterfully crafted Avatar Collection, featuring Neytiri and Jake.  Constructed of the highest quality resin, completely ball-jointed for countless posing options and hand-painted so each is perfectly unique, this long-awaited collection is an absolute must-have for any film buff. Featuring authentic costuming from the film, many points of articulation, including the tail and an impressive height of approximately 22", The Avatar Collection is an incredible representation of what has made this film great.
 In this video, Robert talks about the process.

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  1. Really enjoyed the video, not my thing, but I can see buyers that collect in this area would be wowed by these, they are stunning!