Resin BJD Nudes in Comparison by Liane Laughlin

The following photos and text are by Liane Laughlin who has granted permission to reproduce it here.

Since so many have had questions about the differences between all the various resin fashion dolls, I decided to get my dolls naked for an in-depth comparison. I love each and every one of these brands for different reasons, so I have no hidden agenda. Below is a link to my FBJD Comparison Set on Flickr. I compared Ficon Denimish, JamieShow Angelina, DeMuse Doll Papillon, Deva Doll Nantha, Inamorata Inro, Numina Devon and Sybarite Dionysis. I have a Tonner resin doll around here somewhere too, but did not include her. Seems like there has been plenty of pictures of the Tonner anyways. I don't own a ModsDoll (yet). For holding a pose, the Sybarite won hands down. Others can get into the same positions as the Sybarite, but can't hold the exact same pose without support like the Syb can.


-See the original Prego post HERE
-See Liane's Flickr photostream HERE

Which doll do you think has the most attractive body? Please keep your comments either positive or constructive as the individual artists may be reading this.


  1. Thank you Terri and Liane,
    Like many others I have only seen photos of most of these dolls and that can be very misleading.
    I greatly appreciate the second picture since the joints are different from doll to doll.
    I have to say the Numina dolls seem to have the best combination of attributes to me.
    The DeMuse and Inro both are intriguing...but I think I would like to see more of both before making up my mind.
    As always...love the blog
    Will C.

  2. Impossible to choose... they are all stunning, as for the posing, I'll just have to come over at Liane Laughlin's, play a little, in order to make up my mind (hehehehehe!) ^_^

  3. Great photos. I wish Dollmore was included but I can't expect one person to have everything! I was surprised to see how poorly Numina sits, but Liane did say that there is a way to correct it. JamieShow & Ficon are my favorites in those photos. Thanks for posting this.

    1. If you click on the second link, you will see that she does sit well.

  4. Numia! Hands down for me the most striking as a nude sculpt. She has realistic proportions and is on par with Enchanted Doll for excellence in my opinion. The rest look like variations of a fashion doll. Inamorata looks like art meets doll, and Sybarites bore my as a sculpt, as do Deva and Ficon.

  5. I too am drawn to the Numia. The more realistic and softer the bosom, the more I like the figure. But I do wonder if that translates well into a dressed doll. After all, we ladies tend to hoist everything up in foundation garments before we dress, we don't stay 'soft and natural'.

    1. She looks beautiful dressed, too.