Cherub and Seraph Teaser

Emilia Nieminen, designer of the Inamorata dolls, released this news today:

Here is a long awaited teaser for LE20 Nnaji dolls Cherub and Seraph. Seraph is a premium lingerie doll with PattaArt hard cap wig and her face up is based on a prototype doll featured in Haute Doll article that launched the Inamorata line. Cherub is a basic lingerie doll with flock hair. Cherub will be out first and will be released together with a loose LE30 gown called Vertebrata. Seraph will follow with a LE30 loose casual fashion called Röntgen.

Can't give you the exact release date yet, but I have the dolls at hand now. It will take me a while to flock all the Cherubs and do the touch ups of each dolls make up and a general quality check. The fashions and wigs should arrive within a week or two.
My website is being updated so don't panic if you can't access it right now. You don't miss the dolls. I will keep you updated and there will be more teasers soon!


  1. They are so beautiful!!! Wow! You have one, Terri? With the trimmed lashes?

    1. I have Inro. These two gals haven't been released yet.