Deja Vu: Tonner's New Collection

This very bold statement accompanied the image above:
On Saturday, August 17th, 2013 Tonner Doll will proudly present two lives as part of the new direct-to-consumer exclusive Déjà vu Collection.  Get the strange sensation of Déjà vu and be the first to experience a whole new concept in fashion dolls!

Our heroine is 16" in height and boasts a completely new Robert Tonner body and head sculpt, and a compelling story with equally compelling fashions from across the spans of time. 

After encountering Déjà vu, you'll never look at a 16" fashion doll the same way - no matter how many lives you've had!
What I'm thinking is that we're going to see a pop-it bead concept doll. The (really cool) images above show the 'spans of time' as far as fashion goes, but do you see the buttons? What do they signify? Let's unbutton a head or an arm or a leg. Hmmmmm.
We can already change feet and hands. Why not the rest of the body parts? 
Wax on; wax off.

Just for fun, check out this blog post:


  1. Hey Terri, In cloth doll construction, buttons usually indicate articulation. Maybe Mr. T is going to up the ante and go with some double jointed elbows and knees. Some of the resin doll companies you highlight here (JamieShow, Sybarite, and Inro) have much more sophisticated joints (from pics anyway, I own none). Also, the images look skinny with tiny waists and look at those popping out clavicles. It could be just the collage effect...or maybe he's going for a smaller silhouette...maybe Tulabelle-ish? August 17 is my anniversary! If you remember, I live in Poughkeepsie which is very close to Tonner. Somehow, I don't think wifie will want to see a doll unveiling on our special day. I think I will opt for romance and wine in lieu of toys... Just this once! don

    1. Don, you have made the right decision. :-)

  2. I like the idea that this may mean more interchangeable parts, more articulation.....and some new looks for their line. I like the Antoinette body, but I would like it better with a head, and neck, that were more proportionate.
    As always...love the blog
    Will C.