Azone Announces New Misaki and Amelie Dolls

An email went out to W Club members announcing two new dolls from FR: Nippon.
These are the first Misaki and Amelie released in two years.

The retail price is 13,000 Yen which is approximately $132.  You will pay shipping from Japan.

What happened to the amazing Misakis of years gone by? After 2009, this line went downhill dramatically as far as design. Someone let the ball drop.
The two new dolls are the most boring examples of a line of dolls that wowed me when they were introduced. The best thing about these gals is their shoes.

Amelie Revisited "Tokyo Here We Go:
Misaki Red Rabbit

Brilliant examples of the heights FR Nippon reached when someone creative was in charge.  What a difference!

 Below: pictures of some my own pre-2010 Misakis.

Tokyo Here We Go
Tokyo Here We Go, Get Graphic, Patent Please, Sassy Stripes
Back row: Anti-Social, Autumn Champagne, Best in Brocade Front: Dreadfully Cute
Ciao Japan, Harajuku Honey


  1. I totally agree terri, this dolls to me look like basics, also if you notice the bags are the same ones as the beach misaki collection in a different color, i love misaki, but as an artist i see potencial but they where not well executed, also a lot more people are into poppy parker dolls but she has more looks than misaki at this point, i love misaki's face and hair but again there outfit it so basic, hopefully in the future they will make them better, i would love to work for integity and work for misaki nippon doll because i know i can give many looks to them that represent japanese fashion , i know azone does a good job when they redesigned there misaki's

    And also by the way azone was the one who also work on the misaki gothic series that was amazing

    I still hvae high hopes for them :) as i love fr nippon

    1. I agree that Nippon quality was extremely high. The Gothic series was amazing. I wanted all of them!

  2. the shirt reminds me of the susie dolls where they had the graphic print of her face on everything....and we all know where susie is now.....

    1. you know i notice that too uriah now thta you say it
      i wonder why don't they use susie head mold at all
      she could be misaki chinese friend

  3. I was excited when I received the Wclub email... untill I saw the photos of the dolls. They just seem another re-born project. I see Perfect in Paris in Misaki, and the Amelie doesn't bring anything new either, she's just similar to other Amelies we've seen. Actually the only thing I love about the girls is the T-shirt. The bold graphic reminds me the one from Style Mantra Eden, and we all know what a high coveted t-shirt that is!! I think the last Va Va Voom Misaki I've seen was Lady Like. Not only she was beautifull, her outfit was amazing!!

    1. You're right I think, the Lady Like series was the last original looking ones, but they even had the feeling of being repeats because of their hairstyles. It was just bangs & long hair again. I really had high hopes because of the Amelie Azone did for the last Wave From Japan, she had that great short hairstyle. These two are cute, but boring, & I no longer have the funds to be able to buy dolls that are just OK.

    2. If I don't love it, it's not coming home to live here!

  4. I said the same thing: Boring. Reminds of leftover ideas from that Eden post in your Blog from last week. It also looks like her hair was styled, and they wet it and combed it straight. I'm about $125.00 disappointed. That leaves me $7.00.. I'll take her for that. LOL

  5. I don't know if anyone is still reading this post, but I had no interest in these dolls until I saw a real picture of Amelie. She was so pretty, I decided to buy her. She just arrive today, & I think she's lovely, the hair in the promo pics is not what the hair on the doll looks like, it's got waves & it's full. I still think the outfit is seriously lacking, but I love the doll.