Barbie Collector Queen of the Constellations

Just a reminder for those who have been waiting for the Gold Label Barbie Doll, Queen of the Constellations, she is due to be released on 5/16/13. You must be a member of the Barbie Collector Club to purchase one.

I think she has a gorgeous face and her hair is stunning. Hopefully for those who buy her, she will look as good as the promotional photos. Unfortunately, her dress is not removable although the cape is. She's not my cup of tea but she's definitely eye candy.

The description from the BC.Com page:
Regally dressed in a golden metallic dress with a bejeweled corset and dramatic black metallic-striped cape, the Queen of the Constellations Barbie doll is a commanding presence. Unique golden embellishments include a futuristic flared crown, collar adornment, and intricately shaped epaulets. This doll is the third and final in the futuristic space goddess series.

Body Type:ModelMuse
Skin Tone:Peace
Facial Sculpt:Mermaid
Fashion Sewn On?:Cape is removable, dress is not removable

Included with doll:
Shoes, stand, crown, corset, collar.
 Price is $100 (for a vinyl Barbie) but if you've saved, you can use your 2nd $20. club reward on her.


  1. I'm not feeling this collection at all, but I love her face. She's giving me an Agnes vibe here.

  2. why do i feel like the shoes are gonna be basic if they didn't show them?

    and a doll like this would NOT wear basic shoes.......

  3. Just wait until you see the shoes...far from basic!