Ficon Leonie

I've rarely played with Leonie although she is my only Ficon doll. She has a serious posing issue. Her knee joints are not strong enough to hold a pose - even when she's on a stand - without major fiddling. She is a candidate for wiring. (Oh, Adrian...) She's got a little head, too. I like it as it is really more proportionate than most other 16" BJDs. 
Here she is in her new Ilaria Time of Doll wig. She's wearing Ficon designed fashions and the shoes are Paul Zhangby. (eBay/China)

If you do not already know, the Doll Peddlar is the best source for Ficon dolls, clothes and accessories once they have sold out on Ficon's website. Ficon fashions fit Jamieshow dolls beautifully.

Perhaps if I put a pair of these boots on Leonie, she'd stand up without buckling knees.


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