Madame Alexander 2013 Dolls

It's that time of year again for me to drool over my secret passion - baby faced dolls. I probably won't be adding new MA dolls to my collection this year as I still look for deeply discounted ones from several years ago.
For this post I will show only the 21" Cissy and 10" Cissette dolls.

21" Madame Alexander-1923 is a fully articulated Cissy dressed as she would've been in 1923 when she began the company. Limited Edition of 125 dolls.
21" Scarlett O'Hara Prayer Dress is a fully articulated Cissy with green eyes and wavy, center-parted, shoulder length brunette hair pulled up on the sides and held with a red bow.

10" Sylvia From the Ballet Sylvia is a fully articulated Cissette.

10" Snowflake from The Nutcracker Collection is a fully articulated, Cissette with blue eyes and upswept black braids wearing a magnificent white tutu.

10" fully articulated, Cissette Celebrates Madame's 90th Anniversary.
Queen Victoria, having sat on the throne for 63 years, is the longest reigning monarch in British history. She set the tone for many aspects of British life but none more so than fashion. She is a 10" fully articulated Cissette.
10" Zelda Fitzgerald - infamous wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald - is a fully articulated Cissette.
 10" Denise Boulet is a fully articulated Cissette.
10" Theodora, who would eventually be the Wicked Witch of the West, is fully articulated with brown eyes and side-parted brunette hair that's swept to one side and fashioned into a braided bun.
10", fully articulated Glinda, has brown eyes and long, blonde wavy hair.
In Disney's new prequel to The Wizard Of Oz, we come to know the Great Oz as Oscar Diggs, with brown eyes, brown painted hair and goatee.
 10" Evanora, fully articulated with brown eyes and side-parted, brunette hair pulled back and styled into a loose bun, looks more beautiful than you'd ever expect the future Wicked Witch of the East to look.
Coffee or Tea with Pan Am, a fully articulated stewardess, as they were called, with short, curly Taffy Tan hair, dressed as she would be in 1970.
10" Scarlett O'Hara Honeymoon Dress is a fully articulated Cissette with green eyes and brunette hair pulled back to a low bun at the nape.
 10" Dorothy in the Poppy Fields is a fully articulated Cissette.
10" Wicked Witch of The West and The Winged Monkeys is a fully articulated, green-faced meanie who has dark eyes and black hair pulled up into a top-knot.
 10" Glinda The Good Witch and The Lullaby League is a fully articulated, Cissette, with blue eyes and long, curly Taffy Tan hair, wearing a gorgeous pink gown.

And there is so much more. If I were going to pick my favorites, I'd get the Madame Alexander 21" Cissy holding the two little dolls. The Cissette I like best is the Scarlett O'Hara Honeymoon Dress doll.  The cutest ones are the Oz dolls. So adorable!

These are just partial descriptions of the dolls taken from www.matildadolls.com who has the world's most extensive list and pictures of Madame Alexander dolls. All of these dolls can be purchased there. She also carries some Gene Marshall dolls and fashions!


  1. Thank you so much for this post. 50 yrs. ago when I was about 10 my mother saved for months to buy me an Alexander-kins doll. She then sewed several OOAK fashions for her to wear. I was not really too crazy about her as I wanted a Barbie but now she is one of my prize possesions that brings back the cherished memories of my MOM.

    1. I'm glad that I could spark a fond memory.

  2. Some really lovely dolls here. I think my favorites are the ballet dolls.