Integrity Toys' New Dolls

On Saturday, January 26. 2013 members of the W Club were invited to a webinar during which new dolls were described and shown.
Not all of IT's doll lines were included in this reveal. The most popular appears to be the new Funny Face collection designed by Chris Stoeckel. These dolls and fashions are based on the 1957 movie by the same name that stars Audrey Hepburn and  Fred Astaire. In a brilliant move, the designers decided to give each doll in the new line a different sculpt. And, instead of having a bunch of single dressed Poppy Parker-faced dolls, several of the dolls are mini-giftsets and full giftsets. The focus is on the fashion and although none of the designs is original, Stoeckl has interpreted them very nicely.

Here are several of the images with which we were presented.
Jo Stockton "Take the Picture"

Maggie Prescott's Assistant "Think Pink"
Dovima as Marion "A Woman Who Thinks"
Jo Stockton "On How To Be Lovely"
Jo Stockton "Bonjour Paris"
Maggie Prescott "The Quality Woman"

There is a lottery for another gift set. This one is called "Let's Kiss and Make Up." It looks like a fabulous gift set consisting of three complete outfits and lots of accessories. Also included is a little dog. It's not a poodle but we'll over look that fact.

I need this giftset and will be very disappointed if I am not amongst the lottery entrants who is picked. VERY disappointed.

Another reveal was this year's Dynamite Girls designed by David Buttry. Entitled "London Calling,"  the collection consists of 7 dolls each priced at $65.  I didn't care for any of the four girls; their outfits are pedestrian. But, the two male dolls are fabulous.The layering, attention to detail and edgy styling is clear in the guys and missing from the girls.


Integrity's 16" doll line has morphed into Tulabelle. The backstory sounds like a fantasy from Cosmo magazine. Here's the promo text from Integrity Toys:

Every once in a while, you meet a character that is so special and unique that you can't forget her. That's Tulabelle! She's a young influential fashion blogger and the go-to expert for the latest in trends for young fashionistas around the world. Tulabelle comes from a long line of fashion insiders and has inherited her family's extensive archive of clothing from the beginning of the 20th century to today. The highlight of the collection consists of some amazing pieces from her famous model grandmother, Poppy Parker! Whether she's hanging out with friends at her favorite thrift store or sitting front row at the hottest runway show, Tulabelle is always at the forefront of style.

There are 6 dressed dolls in the collection, one of which is a "basic" priced at $115. The others are priced at $150. 
I have previously written that I prefer sophisticated looking doll sculpts more than the teen look. I think it's sad that the giant Poppy dolls and these gals have replaced the Avantguard line. They could have kept the sculpts and used the improved body. As a collector who spans both the 16" and 12" groups, I know many who loved the AG sculpts and would buy them again. But I believe IT caters to it's post-Barbie collectors who tend to prefer more youthful looks. 
That being said, I did like one of the Tulabelles very much...enough to pre-order her! 

Calling this doll "Yeti to Wear" — dorky — but I like the fashion. Hopefully the bangs come out flat enough to stay on her forehead. I'm curious about the body as I've not seen it yet. I don't think her fashion will fit any of my 16" dolls but we'll see.

The other new dolls revealed are three Holograms from the Jem and the Holograms line.
Since I am not one of the former television watchers of this cartoon, I have no connection there. To me they look trashy. IMO, there is no fashion, just costume, all for $119. each. Lest I forget, you get a detailed plastic guitar.


  1. Great insight =) I did liked Dayle from Dynamite Girls, but not her outfit, so I did not ordered her... I missed seeing at least one of the main lines (FR / Nu Face / Poppy / FR2?). It seems this unveiling was too... mmm.... "secondary" =)

    a) The Funny Face fashions are beautifull, but neither the dolls or the fashions fit my collection.

    b) I liked Tulabelle (the same you pre-ordered), but I don't collect bigger girls

    c) we didn't had the Jem cartoons here, so I don't bond with the characters, and don't collect the line

    d) I could see myself buying DG's - I've done it before, but I don't collect homme dolls, and the girls fashions were... mmmm... weird?

    What facemold did they used for that "The Quality Woman" doll? She is SO weird. Is she supose to be an old lady? The outfits look kinda "baggy" on her (and it is a very pricey giftet)

    1. The Quality Woman doll is supposed to be a mature woman and the clothes are just like the ones she wears in the movie. She is the editor or director of the fashion magazine in the movie. I don't recall the sculpt but the W Club email may specify that one.

    2. The sculpt was the one used for the Katie Perry doll.

  2. some of Jem have a keytar...not a guitar.... variety.....

    i want that FF giftset too....

    i pre-ordered Yeti as well....i want to put it on Ajuma over the black latex zukira bodysuit thingie.....with no pants....or top....

    1. Keytar? That's a new word for my vocabulary! Thank you.
      I hope it fits Ajuma. I haven't had one of these new bodies yet so I am taking a chance on her. She is pretty cute looking, though.

    2. Gaga has a Keytar, Ms. G. It's a combination of an electric guitar and a keyboard. I have pics in my FB photo-albums (Gaga 2010) :D

      I watched JEM way back when.. but I'm not feeling these dolls. Maybe I'll hunt around and locate my JEM doll from back then. Her earrings still flash too. :)

  3. I think "Let's Kiss and Make-up" shows the real beauty of the Vanessa 2.0 sculpt. She is the second best doll with "A Woman who Thinks" being the best.

  4. Great analysis. I'll be with you in the disappointed group if I don't get picked for the lottery. :)

    Small correction - the Think Pink doll is not Maggie Prescott. "The Think Pink dressed doll mini-gift set represents one of Maggie's fashionably pink clad assistants!"

    And the sculpt used for Think Pink is Imogen, from the NuFace line.

    I do appreciate that IT mixed up the sculpts and id more than just Audrey's character. The mixed body types are a little confusing, since they went with Poppy, Monogram and Brides of Dracula mish mash bodies.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I guess most of us (not you) aren't reading carefully. This is the text I missed:
      "In "Think Pink", lead character Maggie Prescott, Fashion Editor extraordinaire, is out to lay new fashion ground for her ever demanding readers and fashion lovers all over the world. As she starts exploring fashion trends to create a bold new look for the next issue of her fashion magazine, she and her "oh so fashionable" assistants break into this most visually stunning musical number... Totally convincing us to THINK PINK! The Think Pink dressed doll mini-gift set represents one of Maggie's fashionably pink clad assistants!"

  5. Where can you pre-order these London Calling dolls other then Integrity or Angelic Dreamz ?

    1. http://integritytoys.com/page/dealers

  6. thank you for the seller list Terri ! I was able to get the two boys :-)

  7. Love your take on the new offerings
    The "Funny Face" girls seem like a return to IT's glory days of Luxe dolls. But with their history of quality control issues I'll wait and see what the finished product looks like.
    I'll really miss the AG/FR16s if indeed they are dropped. I have the saddest feeling that Tulawhatthehell is just ITs way of dealing with their inability to successfully enlarge Poppy's sculpt...or her customer base...for the 16" market.
    I have several AGs and FR16s and one..and only one... big Poppy. She is more than enough of that line.
    Will C.

  8. I also find JEM trashy. I remember the cartoon, but I hated it at the time, and thought everything about her was tacky. I was into SciFi books in the 80s

  9. Hi Terri,
    How did you go in the lottery for "Let's Kiss and Make Up" ??
    ~ Jay