Superdoll Valentine 2013 "Sinatra"

Today Superdoll released their Valentine 2013 Sybarite doll, Sinatra. She is the Venus sculpt with a regular skintone.

She has a gorgeous face but I am passing on this one. I do love the jacket and the gold shoes.

The price is £387 British Pounds which is approximately $608. US Dollars.

Click on the photo to see it full size.


  1. Do you know how many ED she is released ?

  2. Wow... each Sybarite surprises me =) They're really fab

  3. Hello!

    I don't know about the edition number, but obviously they're sold out now (Wednesday).

    Acutally I helped this time, because I could not resist the face nor the Klimt-like jacket.

    I was so keen on an Abbe Lane, but it seems something went wrong with the open mouth
    faces. There are no open mouth "You devil you" dolls, even though they were advertised in
    Haute Doll. Judging from photographs of open mouth "Wolf whistle" dolls this was a wise

    I would have liked an open mouth version though. But as I would have had to pay about
    1,050 USD for any doll (with the kind help of German customs) I skipped it.

    Does anybody know if there will be revised open mouth faces?


  4. I loved Sinatra and loved Abbe Lane you devil you. But, in the end, the price was the factor and I went with the better deal of Sinatra. Both are gorgeous though.