Tribal Beauty™ Barbie® Doll

The first in the Global Glamour Collection is designed by Linda Kyaw. It will be available on  2/14. Here is the description from the website:
The first doll in the Global Glamour Collection shows her exotic side wearing an intricate ensemble featuring a feathered midriff top, golden breastplate adornment, waist-attached bead fringe, earrings, bangles, long split skirt and elaborate headpiece. Her zebra scepter pays tribute to the royal splendor of Africa and her status as a reigning queen of fashion.

Body Type:ModelMuse
Skin Tone:Light Brown
Facial Sculpt:Pazette
Fashion Sewn On?:No
Tribal Beauty Barbie Doll $100.


  1. Great posting. I'm very happy when i stop an read your article. Keep blogging my friend and dont forget to comment back into my blog. Thanks.

  2. That's really over the top. I wonder if the doll can stand upright with that turban(?)


  3. I kind of like the total abandon of reality on these recent ethnic themed Barbies. First there was that Brazilian banana beauty and now the Tribal Beauty! It is a true design feat to squeeze all those African tribal stereotypes into one doll! No doubt she's beautiful, but completely over the top! I think it really must be what Mattel is going for. I also love the desert backdrop. That is the exact outfit I imagine tribal beauties wearing in the African wilderness! She can totally outrun any predator in her Zebra embellished platforms! Or...maybe she is more of the stand your ground and fight gal--wielding the matching Zebra staff? The only real complaint I have is that the asymmetrical headdress and earrings seem a bit small. I'm sure that real tribal beauties wear much bigger accessories. I'm sure she is going to sell out in a millisecond! Love the blog, keep bringing your dolly perspective! don