OK...So I Drank the Kool Aid

If you are a member of the Barbie Collector Club your last quarter $20. coupon is effective beginning today. Gala Gown, the beautiful-looking (in the promo) Silkstone, is also now available for ordering. How convenient is it that BC.Com is also offering free shipping? Anyway, I ordered one. I swear if this doll is anything less than perfect, it will be my last EVER Silkstone.

Update on my wonky-eyed, non-violet eyed, Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor Silkstone. In response to my letter outlining the defective doll I received I was offered a return or an exchange. I asked for a shipping label and received a pre-paid label. Yay. Here's hoping the replacement will be better.


  1. See? There IS a good doll fairy!!! Post pics of new ET! And good luck!

  2. Good for you for making a complaint on Violet Eyes. I still have mine but when a doll is so different from the promotional shots the company must be informed of the dissatifaction of its customers. I don't know what I am going to do. Am trying to "bond".
    Disappointed it looks like Haunted Barbie is not articulated. $100.00! I just don't get it. They would sell twice as many if she could move, Violet Eyes also.

    1. Thanks. It is a pain in the drain to wait and then reship and then I have to find a FedEx drop office! I wish I could just have it picked up. They don't make it easy, that's for sure.

  3. i saw Gala in Marl's room at FR Con....she's pretty for sure.... it's a unique color combo... i didn't buy her so i didn't inspect.... i was tempted, but i find with silkstones it's better to imagine them as fantastic than to buy them and be let down.


  4. what made her wonky? I have mine and I will admit her eyes look silvery as I think they should be. That's sad you had to get a weird one.

    I've heard some other collectors made a big funk about her being tan over the pale look her promo version has, I do not mind it because I know at the time era they seem to be portraying of this Elizabeth Taylor was when she was quite tan and even darker than this before too. I'm thinking of the other one if I get her at the right price, the one I have was slightly discounted ($109)