A New Favorite Website - Not About Dolls

I love Photojojo! Today's post on How to Make Photo Lollipops just pushed me over the edge to blog about it.

Haven't you always wanted to eat your photographs? I've wanted to do a lot of things with mine; eating them wasn't on the list.  This tutorial might have just changed my mind.
Think of the possibilities: table gifts at conventions, stocking stuffers, business cards...X-rated suckers. Oh, I have endless ideas.

Link to this tutorial

They carry a multitude of products that I'd love to have. One is called Photo-opoly. If all you ever think about it dolls, you can personalize it with images of your gals and guys easily. You might even force yourself to use pictures of your family or pets.
Click here to check out the rest of the fun products you can use with your cameras.