Jamieshow Alejandro

This handsome fellow is my first resin male doll. He is a 2012 basic Jamieshow Alejandro that I purchased at Angelic Dreamz during the Prohibition event. I loved the optional outfit so much that I had to purchase a doll to wear it.
He is wigged and I would like to get another wig that is shorter. I like that his 5 o'clock shadow is done very well. This is one good looking doll!

His outfit is so well made and the fabric is very fine. It's the first pair of male pants I've ever had that doesn't have the fly zipper tab sticking out. I love everything about this outfit.  I have no idea how to tie a tie.

Why is he standing in a window, you ask? Well, work on my studio has just begun. As of today, all the framing is done. It will be a simple room with two windows and a black and white checkered floor similar to my former darkroom.  We're also having a cedar lined closet built right outside the studio. Currently, I have my photography equipment in a corner of the basement all covered up and protected from dust. (Hopefully)

I've begun deboxing and redressing dolls but it is slow going. Gradually as the chaos of boxes subsides it becomes a little easier. I've had to come up with a new organization system and that keeps changing. There are three glass cabinets waiting to be assembled. Where is that magic wand?

The rest of the house is shaping up nicely. Dealing with workpeople who can't do it right the first time is such a pain. It's unbelievable the damage one person can do. The moldings need to be touched up and repainted in many places from the installation of new flooring. The floor installers damaged the front of my new refrigerator and they are paying to get another one. But I have to do the calling and arranging. I was so pissed!!!
Of course I'm finding places the painters messed up as well. They were here for two months, you'd think they would have gotten it right. They might have if they were sober the entire time. Sigh.
The main moving company has had my claim for a month. I called yesterday and was told it could take 3 to 6 months to finalize it. It didn't take them that long to take my money. Their excuse is that it's the busy season. So hire more people. Seriously.

Back to dolls....I have a huge backlog of dolls to photograph. I'm enjoying the ones I've taken out and dressed and put on display. It's nice to see them again. Really nice.


  1. Chin up! It will settle down, soon. hugs-Lou

  2. That is a very handsome doll, Terri. I like his stubble and his lips. I don't mind the hairstyle as is. Maybe some water and mousse could help in restyling. He's great. :D

    Your doll room looks like it's going to be great!

  3. Alejandro is amazing, what a beautiful handsome guy. His outfit is fantastic too!

  4. Hello Terri!

    This may not be a consolation, but obviously
    "crafts"men are the same worldwide.

    I especially recognize the staying sober part.

    As well as the getting rid of your money faster than the wink of an eye syndrome and the excruciating pains you have to take to get it back.

    Good luck