NuMood Sydney Finally Arrives

After an extremely long wait, NuMood Sydney has arrived. She is easing my dolly withdrawal a little bit. I enjoyed the simple act of combing her beautiful blonde wig and just holding her. She is sitting on my laptop looking at me. I have decided to name her Brook for reasons that will be revealed next month.

I do have the convertible foot set for her but it's packed away. Until yesterday I thought all my dolls clothes were packed as well but then I remembered that my big Tyler trunk is not in a box and it's got some pretty outfits and shoes and Brook might just get the chance to try some.


  1. It is great to see Sydney! She is Beautiful, Terri!
    Glad you had some nice dolly time!
    Brook is a lovely name! Could it be that your new home is near a brook?
    I just may buy this Sydney! She looks Wonderful!

    Take care now, Terri!

    1. Hi Gerri...I haven't gotten a new Sydney in a few years! I have always loved her sculpt and this one is particularly pretty. It has to do with the name of the street.

  2. She is beautiful! Far prettier then I imagined she would turn out. Congrats! She is a great doll and love her wig!

  3. I thought all of the NuMoods had especially well painted faces. I'm hoping to get one of them at some point