FR2 Strict Elegance Luchia: Better Than Expected

A few days ago another collector listed Lucia FR2 for less than retail. Someone had posted a picture of her long hair which looked beautiful and I thought that her outfit could be useful. The price was right...I sprung. I thought I might sell her head.

She arrived today and while I still do not like the way her open mouth was painted, I think she's a rather attractive doll if you don't look at her teeth.

I folded under about 1/2" of her skirt as I prefer a shorter length for this style dress.
She comes with they type of shoes I love. They close with velcro making them easy on and off with no chance of tiny straps breaking off and no magnifying lenses required. Her dress is one piece which was a surprise. I like her curly, faux fur white coat which I do not show here because it totally does not belong with this outfit.

Her handbag, shoes and jewelry are pewter colored. 

In the second picture I lit the doll from above which cast a shadow and made her teeth less visible. Unfortunately her high cheekbones are also subdued.

 I think she's a keeper but those teeth have to go.

I'm hoping that the underarm stands which are used for these dolls gets retired.


  1. While I like the FR2 body and many of the fashions, I don't buy FR anymore. I was smitten with Incandescent Monogram...and would love an Elise. That said. Those teef!!! Everyone's dumping that poor Wedding Erin, like a sour batch of raspberries! HEE HEE! It's like, said designers are so bored with looking at the dolls faces, someone took a paintbrush and popped some white in the lips! "Let's give her some teef!, Duh!" Yuck. I'm holding on with loving sentiment to my early FR's and a few after 2006. Few and far between, but treasured all the same. ;) Enjoy your Lucia!

  2. Though I think she doesn't really look like Luchia anymore and could be a different character she is beautiful and I love the last picture! I can't wait to see her without the teeth ;)