Integrity Toys Finds Their Warehouse

How is it possible that so many "WAREHOUSE FINDS" listed on sale could have been missing to begin with? Don't they have electricity in there?
Anyway, last week, the lucky members of the W Club were treated to an early bird opportunity to snap up these warehouse finds at reduced prices. One of those awful "entry level collectible" dolls was offered for $5. It probably cost more to ship it.

This Flaunt It Monsieur Z doll is the cutest of all and she's only $25. now. If I were buying, she'd be the one. Her hair and dress are worth the price alone.
You can get a couple of RuPaul dolls for $19.99. Their outfits are worth it - the bodies aren't. The Josephine Baker dolls are $50 and less. That's just a little more than an articulated body was sold for a while back and these come with outfits and heads. ;-)
When this was was for sale last year, I purchased it, sold the doll and kept the outfit. It looks great without the armlets.
Josephine Baker La Joie de Paris $50.
I was surprised to see that several of the latest wave of Monogram dolls were on sale. I'm imagining unhappy collectors who paid full price only a few months ago and dealers who are still carrying these dolls at retail must be pissed.
Echelon now $125.
Not surprising are the four FR16 dolls being reduced. I thought these dolls were quite unattractive. They've all been reduced to $150. Even at $99. they would be overpriced.
Perfect Layout Freja
 Last but not least, the most garish doll in recent IT history, Brightness Calls Isha, is now $90.
There are many other dolls on sale. Head on over and have a look. http://www.integritytoys.com/shop20/home.php


  1. Also, some Gene Stardust Convention dolls, but IT has sold them cheaper in the past, and you can find better deals sometimes on evil-Bay.

    But they do have Trent, Midnight Madra, Bellwether Oona, and Fringe Festival Ivy. Each $125

    1. That was the convention price that we paid at the convention. I didn't see any of those except Trent. I thought they all sold out.

  2. "Don't they have electricity in there?"--A perfect comment! LOL!

  3. 'Integrity Toys Finds Their Warehouse' you nailed it! LOL