Tonner Convention Part 2

Dreamcastle Dolls posted excellent pictures of the first set of dolls. I'll be watching her site for updates to keep you informed.

Shelly looks and reminds me of Gene Marshall with the period hairstyle and the coloring. This is a very pretty doll. I have read that she is the Supergirl sculpt. That just happens to be my favorite Tonner sculpt of all time.
Judy (this is not the volunteer doll)
Some great staff photos:

Captain, Oh Captain...
I'll go anywhere!
Why does Michelle look amazing in everything she wears, including costumes?
We need to put Jack on a calendar. Whew!

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  1. Hi Terry,
    Just a quick correction, Judy is just the basic doll, the volunteer doll is different, I THINK it's called With Thanks. She is a NuMood doll with the Kit head, raven frizzy hair. Judy is the Glinda sculpt with the Starlet body, a mix of Tyler torso, with bigger hips.
    ~ Jay