Amazonia Event! Tonner Convention

Another cool set of dolls:

Centerpiece is 22" Amazonia Wonder Woman

Souvenir is Amazonia Wonder Woman 16" Doll

I like the 16" doll very much. I must find out what sculpt is being used for her.


  1. WanT!!! Is there a number for how many were produced?

  2. Which one to you want? I'm going to guess it's the 16" one and the edition size is between 250-300. I love her.

  3. The 16 inch doll! Oh I hope there be will some for sale!

  4. The 16" is a limited edition of 300, and she uses the "Diana" head sculpt. I'm not sure, but there was a version of this head (called Diana Deluxe) used in the 17" Forest Frolic (Red Riding hood Reimagination from 2009), but I'm not sure if she's been resized.