Tonner Convention: “Flights of Fancy”

Flamingo - Cami/Cinderella This was the souvenir doll.

It's a good thing I'm not at the convention because when I saw these centerpiece dolls I wanted some of them.
Take a look at these beauties:
Cardinal - Antoinette
Parrot - Antoinette   ( I want those shoes!)
Raven - Precarious     I want this one.



  1. I love all of these dolls, for a variety of reasons. Love, love, love the "Raven" Precarious/Suzette sculpt. I with you Terri.. it's a good thing that I'm not there. LOL

  2. Named after birds with outfits to match...my gawd desperate much for ideas Tonner ? Just what I want a bunch of "bird" dolls.../sarc.. ALL of those outfits are ridiculous, esp. Parrot...no offense Terri to each his own..

    1. I allowed your comment to be posted so I could tell you that you are obnoxious and obviously have nothing to offer. Go away. You are offensive and useless.
      I allow commentary of all sorts but when someone posts such useless criticism, it's a waste of space as you must be yourself.
      However...if you wish to post this type of drivel, sign your real name so we can identify you.

  3. I think they are beautiful...I love the one in pink and the last one in black very much. Cute how these dolls tied into the the Aviation Theme.


  4. I think Parrot is also an Antoinette sculpt. These are certainly gorgeous. Toucan looks like a professional Flamingo dancer.


  5. These dolls are absolutely gorgeous. I know. I'm there. Fantastic convention!!!

    Sylvia C

    Oh, and my advice is: if you don't Luke them, don't buy them. And don't attempt to rain on my parade. I have an umbrella!

  6. @ Terri---my critique is no worse then some of the critiques you have made on dolls and items YOU do not like-but since you like these particular dolls you take offense at my comment LOL, it's OK for you but not anyone else-if it's something YOU like---you consider my negative comments on the dolls an assault on your person obviously-grow up ! And no I don't expect you to "post" this...people that "review" comments on their blogs etc. are a bit controlling and insecure-freedom of speech and expression- not much ! And I'll grant your wish-I won't be back ---if you flip out like some school girl at comments you don't agree with-who needs it ...

    1. Don't compare yourself to me. You are not at all like me and neither was your commentary. I sign my posts and do not hide behind the cloak of anonymity. You are a slimy troll.
      We don't need people who are afraid to identify themselves.
      Start your own blog...oh I forgot...you don't want anyone to know who you are.

    2. Calling a doll "ridiculous" is completely different than offering a thoughtful, critical review of a product.

      I don't think anyone takes your comments as an assault on anything--their person, their intelligence, or otherwise.

      Start your own blog.

  7. These dolls are creative eye candy. If I had infinite space, I'd love to have a shelf with all of them posed together. I think that when you see them as a group, the avian theme of their dresses is much more apparent than when you see them individually. This is brilliant, really, because a collector who doesn't care much about birds and simply wants a stand alone doll with a haute couture dress will be happy with any of these. On the other hand, a collector who is drawn to the bird theme is going to be happy as well, especially if they can enjoy the amplified birdiness of a small group of these beauties.

    In the end, I had to settle for just Flamingo (Cinderella!! Yay!). I am still fantasizing about a triplet display with Toucan and Peacock, though. Sigh. This convention could cost me a lot of money. :)

  8. Hi Terri,
    If I remember correctly, Peacock is Duchess, and Toucan is Daphne.
    ~ Jay

  9. I wouldn't own these dolls - not my collecting cup of tea - but I thought they were cool as hell. The idea and the way the outfit expressed that idea - thumbs up Tonner!