Tonner Convention: Animal Magnetism

 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Friday Night at Tonner

Here is the new 16" Marilyn doll called "Animal Magnetism." She was the break-out event souvenir.  I read on Prego that she uses a combination of the Tyler bust and the curvy hip bodies. (Starting to sound like Integrity Toys with the mix and match bodies.)
I'm not sure but isn't it unusual for Tonner to do an open lip doll? I remember that Pin Up had sort of open lips. Who else?


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    1. Yes, I remember Mera. Thank you.

  2. I seem to recall the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Halloween convention souvenir doll also had an open mouth.

    However, that is something that should probably be cross checked on Dreamcastle's excellent Tonner reference page.

  3. I guess they pretty much had to do an open mouth since so many of her pictures show her with the famous smile.
    Does the doll look more like her in person? The photo may not do the doll justice.
    The Franklin Mint ones had a pretty good head even if the finished paint job often left a lot to be desired.
    The outfit on this one looks great!
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

  4. Someone beat me- Mera had an open mouth.

    I think I like the facial sculpt on the 22" doll (although it does seem a tad long) than on the 16". The mouth on the 16" is sort of a frown, too. MM at least had a demi-smile in pictures. Sort of looks like a large Mini-Gene. Will need to see more pics before I decide to buy, I'm afraid.

    The good thing about Tonner- He listens to the critics, and adjusts accordingly. Remember the prototype Scarlett O'Hara was MUCH different than the final production versions. And the second Rhett Butler was a complete resculpt from the first.

    I love his idea of the Tyler top and the curvy bottom. That's how she was built!!! Although, I do hope in the future for a "cup size" between Tyler's and the Curvy body's!!! ;)

  5. I'm so glad he didn't put Marilyn on the Tyler body (bottom). That would have been SO WRONG. Tyler has a skinny butt and Marilyn didn't. I really want to see 'live' pics of the 16" Marilyn, now. I have no interest in the 22" one. (Too big.)