Winners of Challenge Two

The CCDC winners have been announced. Here they are in order: beginner, intermediate and professional.

Dmitry Puzanov  

Dmitry was the winner in the beginner category and his work certainly deserved to win on that level as it was head and shoulders above the other beginner entries in terms of concept, execution and design. It was inspired by the game of Diablo and is a totally original concept. Click on the image below to go to his page.

Elena Prokhorova
Elena was chosen as winner in the intermediate category. There was a lot of competition in this category. Elena's design was based on Assasin's Creed. Click on the image below to go to her page.

Maria Ustynovska
Maria was the winner in the professional category and her work here is attractive, precise and very well executed. Personally I think it's a overly literal translation of the concept and design from the game Hitman. Click on the image below to go to Maria's page.

The winner of the photography segment this time was Anj Calvo. I like the image.

Photography Winner - Anj Calvo
Anj Photoshops her images. She won the last photo challenge as well and it didn't exactly conform to the rules which I have copied below:

16. In the two extra pictures, designers are able to show their photographic skills. The use of props and appropriate backgrounds are encouraged in these two photos.
17. For all photos, photo manipulation is only to be used to resize, refocus, or adjust the brightness/dimness of your original photo. Do not crop in backgrounds nor paint in corrections. Also, do not form a collage of several pictures. It is acceptable to merge together pics of different looks of the same outfit. For example if a designer has designed an outfit with three different looks, it is acceptable for the designer to take pics of all the looks and merge them together into one photo (see example). Each picture needs to stand on its own, and give the judges an honest presentation of your outfit. Overly photoshopped pictures will not be accepted.
As I said previously, the contestants were not properly placed in categories this year.  I wonder if they themselves categorize their levels or if they are pre-judged by submitting images of work they've created. It's great that the contest is open to everyone but those competing at levels above beginner should be pre-screened. Perhaps there should only be two categories - new and experienced - or some variation of that.

It would also be useful if the judges remarks were more specific and 'educational.' It hurt me to read over and over that "There is the wonderful thing on the internet called GOOGLE!" That was a snotty and mean way to tell a contestant to do research. I'm not saying that only positive evaluations should be offered. Honest and fair evaluations with suggestions for improvement would be helpful and more valuable.

Message to Rob:
It's Philip Treacy not Phillip Tracey: you can find out the proper spelling of his name on Google.  :-)


  1. Rob needs to work on spelling in general- the palette of colour is far different than the pallet that goods are stored on.


    1. I have more trouble with the sarcasm than I do with the spelling but people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. That's been pointed out to me many times.

  2. I find much of the commentary this year to be more hurtful than anything in terms of helping the designers advance. I really hope the designers know how awesome they are for being a part of the competition in general.

  3. Hi Terri!

    Anj here... I just read this to day... A little bit TOO LATE though for me to explain... LOL Anyways, i asked the CDDC admins with regards to the use of PS in the creative shots category. It is only allowed for the two creative shots. Rule #17 pertains to the Front, Side, Back and inside garment shot... I had to clear this up as well since i had a "prop" incident during the last season causing me to get a 0 score for the challenge... Hope this wold clear thing up...

    Dolly hugs!