Jamieshow Winter Grace LE 50

I'm so far behind with my photography, it's ridiculous but Winter Grace made it in front of the camera for a brief photoshoot in her original outfit.
She came with a black bodysuit with faux fur cuffs, faux fur vest and skirt, faux fur boots, knitted scarf and matching hat with faux fur pom poms. That's a lot of faux. The fashion is beautifully made. Her wig cap needs stronger magnets as the slightest pull and it falls off. That's quite annoying although it does look very pretty when it's on. Her bald head cap stays on very well. I like her soft make-up palette. 

 Look at the difference in intensity of makeup from prior Graces to this new one.

 Winter Grace is still available at Angelic Dreamz. She is $395.

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