Monogram Doll: Allure

Monogram "Allure" arrived today.
My photos,  un-retouched except for a little sharpening and cropping, tell her story.
I was surprised by her eyes and eyeshadow. It's different than we've seen on any doll to-date. Her eyes are green and very side-glancing.

 Her coat is so large (I love it) that it acted as a support for the doll!

 The gown is lovely and the silver stitching is well done.

The shoes keep falling off. I think they will fit FR2. I wonder if all shoes will fit FR2 from now on.

The stitching on the lining of the coat is unattractive and I wish it didn't show up like that.

My overall impression:
The doll is very beautiful. The outfit is stunning but keep the lining hidden when displaying the doll. Was she worth the price? Sigh.


  1. Hi, Terri! Is this skin tone Japan or Caucasian? Thanks!