Walking Suit Silkstone Barbie

I like the suit very much but I'm getting a little bored. They're all starting to look the same. This is my least favorite hairstyle for a Silkstone: giant forehead and platinum hair. I think it makes her look mean.
The suit appears to be very well constructed as does the hat. The gloves have straps or something around them which give them an interesting, large presence. I like the hatbox. The handbag is crap. I stuffed it to give it some volume. The umbrella is, of course, non-functional. You can tuck it under her hand which rests on her hip. No jewelry!


  1. Terri, regardless of her flaws, you photograph her masterfully. I love your photos of her, the best I've seen!

    1. You are sweet for saying that my dear. She really isn't flawed at all; I'm just jaded. Too many nice dollies. (Can there be too many?)

  2. Ditto...great photos! Call me jaded as well...with no articulation, it kind of limits the amount of fun and posing you can do with it.

  3. Jose Ferrand4/2/12, 12:59 PM

    I disagree with you. I think she is one of the chic-est Silkstones in a long time! Her suit is Fifties couture at its best, it's very well made and it fits her perfectly. I do agree that the handbag is "crap" and that a pair of earrings would have been most welcome.
    I love her pale skin (although she makes my other silkies look too pink now) and her dramatic makeup reminds one of Dovima or Lisa Fonssagrives. Her hair is a lovely shade of blonde and I do like her neat hat-perfect hairstyle. It's a far cry from some of the tacky hairstyles one finds on other Silkstones like The Soiree, The Siren or The Waitress (to name a few).
    Your photos are beautiful and one would never believe you weren't excited about your subject.