New Ficon Dressed Doll "2PM"

Ficon's new dressed doll went live on their website tonight. She is a beautiful resin BJD dressed in a contemporary, casual fashion.  2PM is a limited edition of 30 and is priced at $720. Click on the picture to go to Ficon's site.

Also available today from Rhi's studio is the "Tree of Joy" dress priced at $99.  It is made from gold leather with black & gold lace.


  1. Does Ficon have a layaway program???? With the the holidays coming, there isn't any way i can put down $720 for 2PM. She's stunning. Do they have other hands as well?

  2. @Steve: I don't know if they have layaway. She is a beauty, isn't she? I had to pass because of the price and I'm getting the new Devon soon. I did order the new dress, though.
    Write to them and ask. Let us know.

  3. The new Ficon is gorgeous... wow!!

    So Terri... back to black in the blog design? =)