Tonner Doll Co. November Product Release

It's so nice to have a juicy, doll-filled release compared to the mini releases we've had this past half year. I like it better this way.

The two new Theatre de la Mode dolls will make an appearance in my collection for sure. If you are familiar with the Theatre de la Mode Archive on the Tonnerdoll.com website, you will know that pictures of the original creations are posted as well as those of Robert's dolls. I hope to see the originals of these fashions, too. Robert has purchased 10. Now we've seen three.

ROYALE #82: $224.99 Retail
Royale is very reminiscent of the Gene Marshall style. I'm guessing that many Gene collectors will flock to this one. The gown has detailed pleating and draping and is floor length. A full length picture was not available although on the Tonner blog although there is a short video of Robert introducing her in which you can see the whole doll. Edition size not given.

MIDNIGHT #83 $199.99 Retail My first thought when I saw this dress was of a past TDLM release called Purely Platinum (see small picture-white dress.) The hairstyle looks similar as does the shape of the garment. Edition size not given.

The sculpt is being called the TDLM sculpt. That's awkward. She needs a name.  Will she be used for the rest of the new TDLM releases?  Will we get a separate fashion or two? That would be nice. It would cost nearly as much as the dressed doll as the bulk of the cost in producing a doll is the fashion.

Dazzling Tyler Wentworth  Retail $224.99  LE300
I absolutely adore the wigged hair. This is the original Tyler sculpt.

Click here to see the rest of the releases and two videos of Robert introducing dolls.

Many retailers will discount 15% off the retail prices now. Angelic Dreamz is offering free shipping as well for purchases over $100.

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