Jubilation Monogram - Review

Jubilation arrived today. She is one of three holiday Monogram dolls recently offered to collectors.  Here are the pictures I took of her:

Nice neat updo, pretty face, well constructed gown, cool shoes and best of all, the gloves are easy to put on and do not look like pot holders! The gown is assymetrical from the waist down which I originally thought was a mistake in the promo photo. The winged thing is actually off to her right side. It is a little strange.
The gigantic earrings are interesting but way too large.

The retail price is $150.


  1. This was my favorite of the Holiday dolls. I think the prototype was better.

  2. I love all three of the holiday Monograms.. Your photos of your doll are so much clearer and more beautiful than the company's official photos ( as usual).
    I can hardly wait to get my 3 girls!! :)


  3. The gown is lovely, although the asymmetry is bugging me a little bit. The earrings are ludicrously overscaled; the human equivalent would be running around with tea saucers as earrings. My earlobes ache at the thought.
    ps--I bought my Couture Noir Cissy from you a few years back. She says hi.

  4. Hi Luna! How is Cissy doing? She was my first. I am selling her original wig if you're interested. ;-)