Radio City Rockettes - Dolls

The Madame Alexander Doll Company has a history of producing Radio City Rockette dolls in an assortment of costumes in which they performed over the years. Here are several. All of these dolls are currently available on-line. To find an individual doll's best price do a search using the doll's exact name and then just look for Rockette dolls or Madame Alexander Rockette dolls. The prices will vary and of course, you want the best price! Some of these dolls are on sale directly from Madame Alexander.

My favorites are the Cissy Rockettes followed closely by Dancing Diamonds. Cute, cute, cute. I do like cute. I think MA needs a more creative photographer. Almost all of their dolls appear to have the same pose. In reality they aren't the most flexible of dolls. It's interesting to note that among 16" vinyl dolls, up until about 6 years ago, the Alex line was the most articulated of all including Tonner and Gene. They had articulated wrists and feet before everyone else. And MA dolls have always had gorgeous eyelashes (as did Gene.)

Dancing Diamonds 1982 by Bob Mackie Cissette 10"

Radio City Rockettes Pink Tuxedo Cissettes 10"

Christmas Harolders - 1994 Rockette Doll 16"

 Gold Tuxedo Rockette Doll 16"

Radio City Rockette Doll Holiday Trunk Set  10"

Shine Rockette Cissy Doll 21"

Carol of the Bells Rockette Doll 10"

Toy Soldier Rockette Doll 8"

1999 Reindeer Rockette Doll 16"

 Happy Feet Rockette 1990 Cissy 21"

Rag Doll 2007 Rockette Cissette 10"
Candy Cane Bizzazz 1982  Wendy 8"

Do you have a holiday collection of dolls? Perhaps you have one special doll you display at holiday time. Will you be adding a holiday themed doll to your collection this year?
I'm sure my readers would love to read about your holiday dolls. I would!

Tomorrow I'm going to pull some outfits and get a couple of my 16" dolls out of storage to put on display. It's play-time!

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