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Madame Bovary, Platinum Luxury, Allure, Simplicity, Cami Wigged Basic - Too, Jon Wigged Basic - Too, Central Park, Chelsea Look, Washington Square, Christmas 1863,  16" Anna Karenina Outfit, Ready to Dress Carol Barrie, Ready to Dress Diane Evans, Matinee Luncheon, MIdnight #83, Roayle #82, Dazzling Tyler Wentworth®, Velvet Dazzle, Silver Shimmer, Midas Touch, Evening in Paris, Betsy McCall Prints Prints Prints Gift Set, MALLYMKUN THE DORMOUSE, 12" DRACO MALFOY™, SLYTHERIN ROBE™, VIKTOR KRUM™, 7" SMALL DOBBY, Deathly Hallows HARRY POTTER™, Deathly Hallows Hermione Granger™, and ALL TONNER 2011 HALLOWEEN CONVENTION PRODUCT.

Angelic Dreamz has Free Shipping on all USA orders over $100. Check the cool Deal of the Day feature on the website front page. There is a new offer every hour. 

Barbie Collector is offering free standard shipping through 12/12. There is a selection of dolls (Doll-idays Discounts) as well. 

If you are on every mailing list like most who shop online, you are getting tons of email from stores about Black Friday sales. I want to share an experience.
I ordered two items from Betsey Johnson's site two days ago. The items had been marked down from the original prices and I thought I was getting a good deal. Today I got an email from them announcing a 40% off sale for Black Friday. That meant a big difference in the price I paid.  I called and because the items had already been discounted off the original prices, they could not do a further adjustment. I re-ordered anyway because even though I would have to pay the shipping back and forth on the original order, my savings came to more than $40.  I think it was worth it. If you want to check out the Betsey Johnson site which is not doll related, here is the link. I love her jewelry!


  1. This post and photos and cartoons were fun to read, Terri. Thank you!

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and kisses to Rudi.

    gerri XXOO

  2. I love your blog, and I wish you and your family
    an exceptional day. I want to give Rudy a kiss, as well! I LOVE Apricot Poodles!
    Please keep up the good work--I appreciate your honesty and that fact that you keep it real.
    Hugs, Nan

  3. Hope your holiday was wonderful and filled with all the joy you deserve.