Tonner Product Release - August 10, 2011

As I previously posted, Tonner releases will be presented on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month if there is a new product in stock.
Twilight -  Jane
Jane - Twilight LE 500
Dakota Fanning/Jane Head Sculpt
15" Teenager Body
Revlon Pink Parfait
Revlon Pink Parfait Outfit
Fits 10.5" Vintage REVLON™ Body  
LE 500   $79.99
Revlon™City Sleek Outfit Only
Fits 10.5" Vintage REVLON™ Body
LE 500   $79.99
Sleek Outfit Only
Fits Such Dolls as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™
LE 300   $89.99
South Hampton Outfit Only 
 Fits Such Dolls as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™
LE 300   $69.99

Free shipping on these items until August 14th.

Video of Robert Tonner introducing the new Jane from Twilight. 

All the photos in this post are from the Tonner Doll Co. (You knew that, didn't you?)


  1. Nice new selection!

    Is it me or does "Jane" look just like the new "Noir No.99" Theatre de la Mode doll...just lighter makeup and less blush than the "Noir" doll?
    Maybe there are so many sculpts now that they are all just blurring into one!
    Thanks so much for the updates Terri!

    Vin :)

  2. @Vin: I opened the images of both those dolls side by side and what I think you are seeing is two blonde dolls dressed all in black styled by the same person in the photo studio. I do not think the sculpts are similar but I would have to see Jane in person to be sure. I do believe it's a new sculpt. Wouldn't it be funny if the heads were the same size? Jane is 1" shorter than Noir.

  3. The new releases seem pretty ho-hum to me. I can pass, and that is sometimes a good thing!

  4. @Anonymous: At this point in my collecting, passing is ALWAYS a good thing. ^..^