Friday Night Reception at the Tonner Store

So I forgot my camera and now that that fact is out of the way, I can proceed. I did have my iPhone.You know what they say. THEY say that the best camera is the one you have with you.

The doors opened at precisely 7 PM at the Tonner Company Store in Kingston, NY. It took us a whole 14 minutes to get to the store from our home which is 11 miles away. Very convenient. The first thing we did was buy our Evangeline exclusives. A Dark Night Evangeline was a nice surprise. I was hoping she wouldn't be in all black with black hair. There's already so much black in this gal's wardrobe. She is dressed in green and gold and wears a beautiful mahogany wig. Her lips are black. It wouldn't be my first doll with black lips so I wasn't shocked or dismayed as I have grown to love my black-lipped Vanessas.

The spousal unit busied himself with the refreshments while I yakked away with doll friends. The store got very crowded and the line to buy items grew practically out the door. There were items on sale at warehouse prices in the back room and people were ravaging the stock. It was fun to watch.

The best part of the event was the grouping of never-before-seen dolls on display in the middle of the showroom. Evangeline, Ellowyne, Prudence and Evangeline's strange boyfriend what's-his-face were there.  Mortimer We found out that these dolls were available for pre-order. Two were to be available for shipping next week and the rest would be available in the fall. These dolls and fashions were drop dead gorgeous. These pictures do not do any justice. It's really not fair to put you through the torture of looking at all of the pictures I took. I will take my camera to the event tomorrow if I remember.
This is just the outfit and a wig.
Not sure if they come together.

Beautifully designed fashion.
This EG is going to be mine. Her outfit is unbelievable.
Say hello to Sandra Stillwell.
Evangeline's new pet is a cat!

I did take pictures of A Dark Night when I got home.


Another display I loved was created with Ellowyne's wardrobe. It was loaded with outfits and accessories and was set up on top of the big glass showcase in the store. Right next to that was Evangeline's wardrobe brimming with her stunning outfits, hats, wigs and other goodies. I could have played for weeks in front of that counter. It was truly a joy to look at these things.


  1. I reallyyyy love how some phone photos like yours, really capture the feel of an event. As there is nothing perfectly posed or lit just so, but you can get pure enjoyment from them. :)

  2. @MJ: If you love pure blur..

  3. Paradise Blue8/13/11, 1:13 AM

    Beautiful Terri. Is A Dark Night vinyl or resin?
    Love these pics. Thanks!

  4. Terri- are the redhead amber in blue dress, and the blonde evangeline in black be available to all, or are they exclusive companion dolls, LOL, Monica

  5. All the dolls shown in my pictures except the Evangeline exclusive are available to all.