It Pays to Wait: Parisienne Pretty Silkstone Prices

The Barbie Silkstone doll Parisienne Pretty is on sale at the Doll Market for $69.97.

That sounded like a pretty good price until I checked eBay. The least expensive NRFB sold for $49.50 plus $9.50 shipping. The highest sold for $74.99 plus $7.14 shipping. There are currently about 25 NRFB Parisienne Pretty dolls for sale. One Buy-It-Now with a damaged box is going for $44.95 + $11.23. The same seller has a good box for $5. additional. Because I'm a deboxer, I'd definitely go for the damaged box as long as the seller guaranteed that the doll was mint.

Those that like to bid can have fun as there are several auctions running.

It's a very nice Silkie mainly because of the excellent quality of the fashion and jewelry.

When she was released her list price was $139.95. I don't know if anyone actually paid that much. I bought mine from a dealer in June, 2009 and paid $99. plus shipping.

So if you collect Silkstone dolls and don't yet have Parisienne,  this will make a nice addition to your collection and you will save a bundle because you waited until now to buy her.

It pays to wait.


  1. I wanted to buy this Silkstone when she came out.
    I think she is so lovely.

    Several years ago, Doll Market had amazing deals. I got some Alex dolls and Cissys at very low prices.
    They don't have these kinds of sales anymore.

    This is a great price for her on Ebay.


  2. Be careful though as these dolls were re-called by Mattel and the deadline for exchanges has long past. The earrings in the dolls ears were making them turn black or green and Mattel offered replacement earrings if your doll seemed ok, or you could return the doll for a replacement. Just thought I would mention it...

  3. My love affair with Silkstones was brief. Green ear, leg splay, big heads, discoloring, etc... too many issues with the line. I'm a turncoat, and it's Tonner for me now! :)

  4. Got mine for $55 + shipping which totaled almost $65.

    Well, with Gene gone, I had to buy SOMETHING!!!!

    Gorgeous doll. I hope no more Russian Silkes, although Ken WAS cute as a Cossack. And did like him as a "Sugar Daddy" - could have been another "camp" classic. Maybe I like Ken more than I thought?

    Glad I read the comment on the earrings. Since Gene # 1, I've been using gold plated sterling eye posts, to prevent the dreaded Green Ear. And never store dolls with the jewelry-EVER.

    I use a special non-tarnish silver eye-post for silver earrings (Fire Mountain- gotta love them!!!) Forgot the name of the metallic amalgam, but it's kind of a God-send for those who like silver over gold ( like moi).

  5. I stopped collecting Silkstone dolls but bought Parisienne Pretty. She's gorgeous in every way and I love the titian hair colour.