On eBay: Doll Shoes & Boots

I've been hunting around (wasting my life) for the past few hours for stuff for my 12" dolls. It never ends. I started out on Etsy and wound up on eBay. Here's some stuff I thought you might find interesting.

MSD Size 1/4 BJD Shoes Doll Boots  Dollfie 1311 Sale
Yosd Shoes 1/6 Size BJD Doll Boots Yosd Dollfie BB 012
Pink is everywhere!
Snow Boots for Blythe / Pullip / 1/6 doll shoes - white
Blythe 1/6 Obitsu Momoko Doll Shoes Crocodile Boots
You know you want these for yourself.

[Sunny's World] 1/6 Shoes ( N023BB )
New Dollfie Yo SD Mary Jane 1/6 BJD Dolls Shoes Gold
I love these gold shoes. The bows come off for another look. 

Fashion Royalty dolls will not be able to wear these shoes mainly because the shoes are not arched but also because they would look ridiculous on a sophisticated fashion doll.

These shoes are mainly for Momoko, Obitsu, Blythe, Pullip, Yo-SD BJD, and I'm guessing Misaki will fit too. One seller gives the measurement of 'Inner Foot Length (Approx.): 1 3/4 inch (4.5cm).' The first pair of shoes is for a larger doll. Those are my favorites.

Go grab a doll and a ruler and check out the wonderful selection of shoes at seriously great prices.  These shoes are all coming from Asia-probably directly from the factories where they are made.  My eBay search was for 1/6 shoes in the Dolls & Bears category.


  1. One of my favorite time wasters!!! I regularly scour the sites for something (I know it when I see it). Do your eyes hurt yet?

  2. wow, these are great !