New Poppy Parker Doll for W Club Members

She is called Sweet Confection and is the Second 2011 W Club Exclusive Doll. The price: $125. The edition number will reflect the number pre-ordered plus some extra. I think this Poppy will rival the most popular of the previous Poppy dolls in collectibility due to her unique tan skintone. She is quite pretty. And finally, she has applied lashes. This is what collectors have been asking for and it deserves a 'thank you.'**

Here are several Integrity Toys photographs.

The second image with the sunglasses and the scarf tied around her neck perfectly captures the 60's look.

**I don't understand why the W Club liaisons feel it is necessary to make ______ statements like the following:

"Thanks so much to David, Jason, Vaughn and the entire Integrity team for this beautiful W Club Exclusive Doll! Poppy Parker is a huge favorite of collectors and we are sure that all of our members will be thrilled with this latest W Club offering! "
The W Club Liaisons

They're not doing collectors a favor; they're making dolls that people will buy. Helloooo...
Can you imagine a manufacturer/designer of fine fashions or cars or furniture marketing their products and including a statement like that?  I can't.
When a manufacturer listens to collectors, that deserves a thank you.   So, I'll say thanks when they revive the real Vanessa sculpt. I say thank you by spending my money and buying the dolls.
It was a big step forward to introduce the fabulous FR2 body. I'll say thank you when they sell the bodies separately and come out with shoe packs for them.
(I won't really say thank you. I'll say I'm buying it.)


  1. I am so with you, girlfriend, on that grateful mentality of buyers! Integrity seems to cultivate it! They're doing us a favor? I'm doing them a favor buying their products! The end!

    The Wench

  2. tee hee, funny! I always think that when I enter the Wclub Lotteries, you don't actually win anything, just the chance to spend your money! :)

    But back to Poppy...I am a HUGE Poppy fan and can't wait to add her to my brood..I love the fashion and this Poppy..some didn't like her blue eyeshadow but I love it..it reminds me of the women from when I was a little girl..blue eyeshadow, frosted lips and gorgeous scarves..a Pucci style print would have put it over the top perfect! And finally a Poppy purse that is not a 'folded over piece of fabric' clutch! yay! But I am biased perhaps as I am a huge fan. Winner for me...oh yes, and as mentioned eyelashes! Can't wait!

  3. Well said!
    They're a business and the "club" isn't a club, its a business too. One makes dolls the other markets them.

    Will C.

  4. YES! You said it, Sistah! IT needs to sell FR2 bodies and shoe paks! ASAP!

  5. Integrity kissing its own ass, how lovely!

  6. poppy is nice, but as a new wclub member i would like to know what happened to the avantguard doll doll that was to be releases May past to the members who bought her?- there has been little information on this.It's annoying whwn you pay for something and you are just left waiting.-mm

  7. I thought the statement was a little odd but it is not something I have a major issue with. I realize that CJ is basically a paid cheerleader for Integrity so I guess she is just doing her job.

  8. I understand your statement but i think it does make sense for that special doll..
    yes the IT doll designers did listen to the poppy collectors that desperately wanted a tanned poppy ith blond hair ( even tho .. this is a lil bit too malibu for my taste and i am not into tan skins she is yet a beautiful doll), so i think the thanking IT was deserved as they did listen to the buyers' wishes. They could have produced any poppy , people wld buy it like crazy anyways so at the end i think IT could even avoid listen to what the buyers have to say..

    bottom line, you should be very happy !! ( wonder why?) because maybe they will make a come back for the old vanessa mold !!!<== they may autothank themselves there again tho lol

  9. I agree with you. I think due to the popularity of their products IT itself and then the doll liason seen to get carried away and forget that WE are the ones spending money on THEIR products, so they should really be doing everything they can to make it right by us instead of us having to roll out the red carpet for them for selling a doll at 125 a pop. And having a paid employee of IT essentially thanking itself for doing a good job takes the notion of shamelessness to new heights.

    I think all this is IT's marketing strategy to make the dolls appealing, thus drawing more customers. All that lottery stuff, which - as someone pointed out - is not really a win because you dont get it for free but more a chance to shell out more money is to get you to spend the money and not have the products sit in their warehouses collecting dust. They gotta come up with strategies to make people want them. And this is one way. Now people woh dont even want some dolls still get them to scalp them for triple the retail price to non club members. While fun this creates some sort of a culture of greed and people who take advantage of other collectors not in the club.

  10. I love this Poppy! She will be a wonderfull substitute for the ILHYLM I had to sell last month, wich made me a bit sad. Thisnone is even better... Tanned and with eyelashes, YAY!

    I keep strugling with the amount of dolls I have, but they keep coming with beautifull dolls, and I keep buying. And selling. And buying. Weeeeeeee, I have my head spinning!