Ennui, Tea and Me - A Rundown of the Event

From 11 AM to Noon we looked at the competition entries, the raffle opportunities and chatted. The new dolls from Wilde Imagination were on display and it was difficult to do anything else but gaze at them. The dining room opened and we poured in eager to see the centerpiece dolls. Prudence and Amber were standing on each table looking adorable as I'm sure you have already seen in photos. Door prizes were given out twice during lunch.
The presentation began with Robert Tonner introducing his staff. Robert talked about how the source of his idea for Wilde Imagination and was quite humorous in describing how he allowed Joe Petrollese freedom finally to create. There was a lot of kidding back and forth between Robert and his staff and we were all very amused. It's refreshing to see the staff's down-to-earth and easy-going relationship with each other. Everyone comes across as genuine.

Robert showed a picture of the newest addition to the Ellowyne line. She is a dark-skinned character who is not yet named.  Robert talked about a brand new line of dolls called Imperium Park. No pictures yet but his description is "post-apocalyptic dolls with great clothes." That got a big laugh. They're all about steampunk. I can't wait to see the clothes. I can only hope that the dolls have new bodies with great articulation. That issue was not discussed.

A documentary is being made on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tonner Doll. Robert showed us a fast speed video of his sculpting.

Joe Petrollese was a riot. He showed us the source of the name of Evangeline's home, Barkley Manor.

Yes, that is his dog. Barkley got a big  awwwww.

He talked about his inspiration for Evangeline and showed us where the fabric closet is in their new office building. It was originally a bank and the vault is being used for storage.

Joe also talked about the new tiny resin BJD Amelia Thimble. Everything was cute as a button. ^..^
She's even smaller than my Puki Puki's at only 4" tall. This is seriously adorable. She is wigged and has removable/replaceable eyes.

I had a good time. My husband had another non-collector husband to sit next to at the table.  Excellent!

There's good stuff in store including a whole new venture into Tonner Toys. Stay tuned.

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