My Favorite Fashion Royalty Sculpt, Vanessa

I'm talking about the real Vanessa, not Waldo. This is Aerodynamic Vanessa.

She was repainted by Vin Trapani and given an FR2 body.

 I did not like True Royalty Vanessa at first. She had a pushed in face and looked emotionally damaged. She may have been the palest Fashion Royalty doll to have ever been released at that time and would have made a great vampire.


I worked with heat on her head to reshape it. When I still didn't like her, I had her rerooted. No gold ring yet.  The other day, after plucking the chicken feathers out of Go North's gorgeous gown, I put it on True Royalty, combed her hair partially over her face and loved it. Yay!




  1. I always shiver a little when you describe these extreme-sounding makeovers--reshaping heads and plucking feathers, my stars and garters! lol! I really admire the fearless way you to treat every doll--and their fashions--as a work-in-progress. It's so inspiring!

  2. True Royalty looks so much better with your modifications.

  3. The nicest of all the FR sculpts, nice job, Vanessa never looked better!