Evangeline Disappears into the Darkness

The remaining exclusive LE100 A Dark Night Evangeline dolls sold out shortly after going on sale today on the Wilde Imagination site. They were offered at the same $220. price which reception goers paid last Friday.
A Dark Night Evangeline
Shipping was free today for any of the weekend's Ennui items and the WI website was crawling due to the large numbers of shoppers checking in there.

The Day of Ennui ~ The Sequel luncheon souvenir doll, Ellowyne LE200 and the two companion/table dolls, Amber and Prudence, were also available. All three dolls were offered for $195 each with special offer of $320 for those wishing to buy Prudence and Amber as a set. As of 1:21 PM EDT, all three dolls are still available.

Amber and Prudence
As an attendee, I was disappointed to see these dolls go up for sale so fast but I wasn't surprised because they do this after every event. 

I'm sorry to say that the design of the three Ennui dolls last year were far superior to these with regard to their fashions and hairstyling.

        Amber                                       Prudence
Look at the intricate hair-dos on last year's dolls. The outfits were adorable and substantial. While the faces and the inset eyes and lashes on the six are all beautiful, this year's pale by comparison in every other way.


  1. I was beyond frustrated with ordering Evangeline this morning. I did get a doll but it took over forty minutes with the connection timing out frequently. I love WI but they need to be better prepared for that kind of traffic. =/

  2. I wish I could have tried for Evangeline, but it was that or get to a job interview on time. Guess what won....

    Advance notice on when the items would go on sale was helpful to have, in any case. Now for a site that can handle the strain!

  3. I was really bummed that I couldn't make this event. The dolls are nice but they are kind of plain looking with similar fashions in different colors. I'm glad I didn't make the long drive!