Two of the Most Unattractive Royal Couple Dolls

These are from Paradise Galleries. The sculpts are very poorly executed and there is no resemblance whatsoever. I find it difficult to believe that this is work of their "master sculptor."

Prince William "Royal Wedding" Doll, vinyl, 18" tall, $99.97.

His grin makes me think of the cat that ate the canary.
Princess Catherine - The "Royal Wedding" Doll, vinyl,  17" tall, $99.97.

Paradise Galleries does offer other 'fashion' dolls at half the price that look so much better, including this one of Marie Osmond. I have no idea what the quality of the fashions might be. The dolls are not articulated.

 Perhaps a collector out there who has purchased a Sandra Bilotto would fill us in on the details.


  1. I bought a 17" Marie Osmond doll.. it was terrible. My doll arrived stained. The doll is wigged (like Marie, LOL) Price was $59.00.

    I returned the doll to The Shopping Channel (like QVC), here in Canada. [They encourage their customers to use the products for 30 days, and if you don't like the product, or it doesn't meet your satisfaction, return it.] I took many pictures of her first.. but she went back.

    Marie sold the doll, on air, by telling us it was articulated.. it is.. but only slightly. Articulation is at the shoulders and thighs. The glued rhinestones on her outfit were falling off.

    Last time on air, Marie was showing pics of the upcoming Kate doll (blue dress) I'm not sure of the business connection between Marie/Charisma and the other company she uses.. but I won't be buying any Kate doll. Having bought and returned Marie's first entry in the 17" doll world, in her own likeness, and made very badly, I won't buy anymore. They could learn from Tonner.

    I have pictures of the Marie doll, if you would like them Terri.

  2. @James: Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Marie Osmond doll. I would very much like to see the pictures! Always interested in finding out about dolls I don't have (and likely never will.)

  3. These "royalty" dolls are beyond hideous! The only doll I have purchased from Paradise Galleries is their Fashion Candy, a supermarket doll they recreated from the 1960's. I think Candy is adorable, and rather a good likeness of the original. I only purchased her, as there was a huge sale. I NEVER would have paid retail, however.

  4. Oh my! He looks like Howdy Doody's long-lost cousin..


  5. Mercy! HRH? Looks more like the Joker! :P

  6. Howdy Doody?!*&!

  7. those teeth on him are terrifying like he belongs in a cannibal horror flick! she would be insulted also, that's sad! you could scare small children with William

  8. The Marie Osmond has the same body as those Butterfly Ring dolls made a few years ago, articulated at the shoulder hips and head that's it no elbow or knee bends and big breasts and a tiny waist. The wigged head is a bit strange and too full and not great quality It is a pretty good likeness of Marie tho :-) The outfit on mine is not too badly made but not TONNER quality by any means

  9. He has on more lipstick than Kate has!!! He'd make a great (if ugly) drag queen!!! Reminds me of someone "unprincely", just can't place him. Oh!! The page from 30 Rock!!!!

    Kate could use some of William's lip filler!!!

    If Marie's dress were longer, she'd look like a 30s hooker!

  10. Not to be mean, but these "Royal" dolls look hideous and Kate looks like Celine Dion's cousin.

  11. As Anonymous said (7/7/11 11:03pm) Paradise Gallery 17" dolls are of about the same quality and vinyl as the Butterfly Ring dolls (which I believe are by Sandra Bilotto) - and the outfit quality is what I would call "tolerable", but you have to be careful because stitching will come out and some might even be already when you get it!
    All-in-all, for the quality I would definitely NOT purchase these unless I was really just wanting the outfits to display on another doll - and because the Butterfly Ring dolls are so tiny in the waist - this might not be a possibility either.

  12. Ugh, what did they do??? That's almost as bad as that Michelle obama doll that looked like a Kenner's "dusty's friend" Sky doll from the 1970's. And I think if you looked at all of the FR dolls you could find one that looks like Princess Catherine far more than this non effort. As for Prince william? Take away the royal clothing, paint on some glasses and find a Vote for Pedro t-shirt and jeans. That's who he is.