Taxes, Packing, Bad Websites and Blood

Many of you know that my husband and I have decided to relocate out of New York State.  Since this is not a political blog  (cough, cough) I won't get in to a discussion about taxes but it's gotten out of control.

Happy Independence Day USA
Let me look at this in a positive light. If we paid less taxes I'd have more dolls and it would be even more difficult to move. Ah...that's such a relief. Having to pay a huge tax bill has made it easier for me to pack.

What if, after a few months, I don't even miss the packed dolls?

So with that charming, albeit alarming, thought in mind I present you with this quickie picture of Marcella in her new fashion.
You  may have noticed that in most pictures of FDA dolls, they are not standing. That's because their legs are too thin (and they are weighty dolls) to support them without a serious doll stand.
A few weeks ago, FDA ran a sale and I scored this "Laine & Lezard" fashion that also comes with a beautiful pleated skirt and hosiery. I've wanted this outfit forever but it was too expensive. It fits beautifully and looks wonderful.  Everything from their early lines is now sold out. There are still some items from the Noir line and I want all of them but I want a lot of things I'm not getting. Sigh.

FDA Video, CHIC!

The video's soundtrack is annoying, but the dolls look great.


The Doll Market sent out a notice that their new website was to be launched on July 1 and would be better with bigger pictures and all that jazz. However, if you had a password, it is now gone. So dumb.  I checked the site and indeed the pictures are bigger but the site is still ridiculous to navigate. The descriptions of the furniture are still missing dimensions and in order to see the 100's of items that have free summer shipping, you have to look through 1000's of items. All of them will be something you probably don't want.
Take a look at their sorting system. Everytime you pick an option you are presented with choices you don't want to sift through. The site is much worse than it was before. If they want people to shop, their link that says "Click Here to Shop" should be bigger and on the main landing page. This was definitely an amateur web job.
Spelling? So Truely Real Babies?? LOL


Getting back to the topic of packing dolls. I've started with my 16" vinyl dolls. They are being packed nude, wrapped in tissue and standing up in appropriately sized boxes that hold 4 or 5 dolls each. I have about 30 dolls packed so far. Then the fashions need to be packed carefully. I don't know what's worse. So far I've only broken one earring off of it's post.
I'm writing the contents of each box on the outside and I'm also taking group shots of each doll that will be inside each box. Those pics will be pasted on the box. Complicated? Yes, but my dolls and their stuff is the most organized part of my life and shall continue thus.
I would lose my mind - what's left of it - if I had to pack hurriedly.

Gotta go now. It's almost time for Eric. Nom. Nom.

What's he packing?


  1. Good luck to you Terri! I wish you the best and I'd help you pack if I could. Just remember to breathe and all will be ok. <3

  2. I have moved many times in my life, but I dread the day it will happen again now that I am a doll collector! As it was I had to pack about 30 large boxes and several totes so that I could reno a doll room in our 100 year old house..lathe and plaster and drywall dust do not mix with dollies! And that was a challenge enough, I am still sorting and unpacking and selling dolls that I do not want anymore...it will be interesting to see what dolls you miss and the ones you forget about after they are 'out of sight' for awhile...but just think how fun it will be to unpack all your treasures too! Best of luck with your new abode...

  3. Good luck with the move, that's one of the closest things to any hell I can think of. Love your FDA doll outfit especially the purse. Yeah, Eric is hot, lol. Taxes [and what they are being used for] is a real issue with everyone now.

  4. Being an NJ resident I completely understand your reasons for moving, it's on my mind all the time. Good luck!

    I feel for you. I hate moving & packing, sooo much. Most of my action figures have stayed in their boxes through the last 2 moves, now stored in my dad's basement nearby. Every few years I go through & sell off any I've lost attachment to, but I think most that are still on the island are staying for good.

    That is good organization, I have pics on my computer of all my action figures from a cataloging phase, I have a list of contents taped to the outside of most the boxes too. I have never been sorry for taking the time to do that.

    My extensive (and heavy!) library of books is my biggest bane when moving, the action figures & fashion dolls are light and easy, I can lift 3 boxes at a time of those.