Fabulous Furniture From Plaza Mildendo

Recently, another collector posted images of her new wood 1/6 scale armoire that she ordered from Plaza Mildendo. If I weren't busy packing away my dolls, I'd have one by now.  Look at this amazing piece of furniture for only $110. plus shipping.

 All images in this post are from Plaza Mildendo's website.

This company is located in Mexico and sells furniture in several different scales including 1/6 and 1/4. Their prices are excellent for this quality and style. They are open to customization as well.

An ornate upholstered chair in 1/4 scale - $130.

Dining Set with 4 Chairs 1/4 Scale - $160.
They are also selling jewelry, clothes and accessories. Have a look.


  1. wow thanks Terri ! some great 1:6 scale stuff for good prices! yay!

  2. This is great stuff. Can't wait to see more from them.