Pink Week Sale at Barbie Collector 5/5/11 — 5/9/11

BC.Com announced the beginning of a new sale called Pink Week. Here's a little promo text:

You get three ways to save during Pink Week:
  1. More than 100 dolls and accessories have been newly discounted - as much as 50% off.
  2. More than 40 already-reduced items have been discounted even more.
  3. During Pink Week, you get an additional 15% off those fabulous Special Offer Shelf deals!
For example you can get three sheets of wrapping paper for $10, regularly $15. (Ribbon not included.) Once you add it to your shopping cart, an additional 15% comes off bringing the cost to $8.50. 

The last style of Barbie wrapping paper came with nice pink ribbon and actually looked like Barbie wrapping paper. This is nice but is not doll related at all except to those who are familiar with this new trying-to-be-iconic look.

If you've been holding off ordering the ridiculously over-priced (at $150.) Palm Beach Coral Silkstone, she now comes to $63.75 with this sale. If you can find a free shipping code or want to use your quarterly bonus, your deal is even sweeter. I may actually get her after all.

Or perhaps I will waste $8.50 on Goldie.
Are you going to buy something?


  1. I did! I had my eye on the Harley Davidson couple, mostly for his tattoo and articulation and her for the leather. But refused to buy for that price. Great deal!

    I also got another Jonathan Adler couch. Maybe I'll re-sell it or learn to make slip covers.

    And all three Pop Life dolls to harvest for their wonderful articulation.

    All for about $89! Great sale!

  2. All the ones I would buy from the sale I already bought! I was hoping the Louboutin dolls would be part of the sale. I am tempted to get the pivotals to try to swap bodies but I've never done a Barbie transplant successfully. The heads always wind up wobbling after the swap.


  3. No. Even $1 spent on Barbie is a $1 taken away from an Fr2 doll.

  4. I missed out on the pop life dolls, I wanted all three of them, but only the AA one is still available now.

    I got Heidi Klum barbie x2 and also 2 Jonathan Adler couches... my daughter wanted one so for that price I can't say no, LOL.

  5. I've lusted after Palm Beach Coral for awhile. I was able to nab her for $43.00 after my $20 quarterly savings. A deal!

  6. @Nancy: That's great. They made a mistake on mine. UGH. They didn't take off the 15% now I have to call them. I hate that.
    It's a great doll anyway.

  7. I like that Barbie wrapping paper.

    It looks like Barbie's flowing vintage curls.

  8. I had my invoice fixed by customer service. I never would have imagined I'd get Coral Silkie for less than 1/3 of the original price. Sweet!