Franklin Mint and Ashton Drake Dress their Princess Catherine Dolls

The Franklin Mint will be producing a vinyl portrait doll of HRH Catherine. You can have one (or more) for $295.  Click on the picture to see the description and/or to place your order.

Here is Ashton Drake's porcelain 16" doll for $149.99.  Their description says fully poseable. Hmmm...I wonder exactly what that means. They did a very good job recreating the look of the gown but it it likely a retouched photo for now. It's too good.  Click on the photo to go to the Ashton-Drake page.

Princess Catherine Commemorative Porcelain Bride Doll

Tsk, tsk. The Danbury Mint still has their artist's rendering on their website.

Personally, I would rather have a Pippa doll in the dress SHE wore. What a great-looking doll she would make!


  1. Why are all these Kate dolls so toothy?

  2. They can't seem to recreate her lovely smile and mouth.

  3. Support your local doll stores. Angelic Dreamz is selling the Ashton Drake version $150.00 and Free Shipping.

  4. Personally, I liked the FM engagement doll version better. I'd put the wedding dress on her.

    Teeth are very hard to sculpt (think FM's JFK- although they did a wonderful job on MM).

    Maybe AD now has a stock articulated body- Obviously, couldn't use the old Gene body.

    I'll wait until I see real dolls, and an FM sale, LOL!!!

  5. Terri, Where can we buy the Pippa doll?