Opinions on Doll Body Size Diversity

I posted a question on Prego today asking what the benefits or drawbacks would be to having dolls such as the Numina, Ficon, Deva, Sybarite, JamieShow, etc. with similar body measurements.

POLICE 100MM  ~ Christian Louboutin
I have copied some of the responses here anonymously but you can go to Prego and see the answers for yourself if you desire.

I am not often tempted to share clothing. The thing that I enjoy most about dolls is their character and personality. I enjoy the fact that each doll has a unique face, style of painting, and personality, and they all appeal to different audiences/budgets/tastes. That means, for me, I am seldom tempted by redressing in another doll's outfits, because I love each girl to have her very own set of things. Even my Sybarites tend not to share, and there are some dresses that are "for Eaton" some "for Peep". some "for Toxica" etc. I do not like to see the lines blurred and all the dolls dressed in the same thing. 

I have shrunk my collection because of the many different sizes. keeping wigs and clothing for all was getting very difficult. 

I think all of them and all other 15.5-16" dolls should have the same measurements as Gene--so my Girls can wear ALL their clothes.

I would love for all of them to be able to share clothing.

I guess it would be easier on the budget, but I think it would be boring. I love seeing the other dolls that I don't collect. They each have something of their own and I like and appreciate them even if I don't own them.

What is your opinion. What would you like?

Now, for a few moments of comic relief and pet therapy, 
I present Rudy wearing his version of Princess Beatrice's hat.


  1. I SO Love the photos of Rudy and the cat!!! Pet and animal pictures never fail to cheer me.
    Thanks, Terri!


  2. @Gerri: Babies, too. Last week I was sort of down and a couple came on the scene with their newborn and my attitude changed completely. That baby made me feel so happy.

  3. Love it ! Your dog is sooo cute ! Can't wait to get mine...


  4. Rudy looks smashing! LOL! What a cutie!!

  5. Rudy wears the hat much better than Beatrice!

  6. Rudy looks like he's thinking revenge! Better watch out Terri, you may wake up with Eugenie's hat on your head!

  7. I think Rudy looks better in the hat....sooo cute

  8. I love those Louboutin shoes in the first photo =)

    ...and poor Rudi *lol* you shouldn't take advantage on his love for you to do those things, hahaha!! =)