Clearance Sale at Cherished Friends New Jersey Store

The Cherished Friends New Jersey store is not just about baby dolls! Check it out for yourself and see the wide variety of fashion and character dolls they carry. I was surprised myself! I regularly check the main PA store for sales/clearance. Today I happened to click on the NJ store and the first things that caught my eye were the Jason Wu Cissy dolls. I did get my Vice Cissy at a very good price a few months ago but $199.99 is extremely good. Envy and Vice are both being sold at that price. I get the feeling that Jason Wu and Madame Alexander will not be collaborating on dolls again anytime soon.
Envy   SRP...$349.95...Sale $199.99

The unattractive Alex Signature Collection dolls styled by Jason are also on sale for $99. each. Paris isn't as unattractive as Alex but there was no reason to alter their appearance in the first place. IMNSHO

The supremely ugly and ill-designed Vita Inferno is reduced from  SRP...$160...Sale Price...$79.99.
Don't debox if you buy one. Her odd-looking sister in turquoise, Vita Aqua Bella, is also reduced. 

Anyway...check out the sale. There might be something you want like Tonner's Strider, Ranger of the North. This is a pretty hot-looking male doll on the 17" Matt O'Neill body. I've seen him in person and I would add him to my collection. His outfit is detailed and very cool. I wish I could find The Tenth Dr. Who somewhere on sale. I'm waiting for him.

$149.99 - Sale Price $89.99

You know you want her.   SRP $149.99 . . . Sale Price $79.99

Jessica Rabbit  17" Athletic Body


  1. Strider and Jessica are killing me. Oh, to be employed!!!!

  2. Alas, another doll (actually 4)...thank you Terri for the heads up! Me love a good sale.

  3. You couldn't pay ME to take a Vita. What were they thinking?!

  4. These are bad for our wallets =)