More Reinterpreted Runway Fashions

These were posted on the W Club board at various times. Unfortunately there are no captions for the runway fashions. If you know the designer, please either email me or post it in a comment. I will then add to the caption under each set of images.
Left: IT's Costume Drama Giselle     Right: Carolina Herrera Gown
Left: Marie Luisa Gown - Christian Dior/John Galliano Spring 1998        Right: "True Royalty"

Left: "Lap of Luxury" Convention Fashion             Right: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2007

Left: "Discreet"             Center: Christian Dior/John Galliano Spring 2010           Right: "Smoldering"
Others have been posted but I am choosing to limit what I post here to those reinterpreted fashions that are obviously wholly inspired by a runway fashion, not the ones that have one or two similar details.
There will be more.


  1. True Royalty and Discreet are Dior.... I emailed you!

  2. Hello again!

    "Reinterpreted" is another one of my favourites, just like "homage". Euphemistic petty thieves...oh, pardon me, creative masterminds.

    As I can quite well wear the real stuff in a
    1 : 1 scale, I don't have to spend my money on dressing up substitutes in almost as expensive sized down fakes.


  3. Lap of Luxury is Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2007